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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How can I check DREXSPORT product's authenticity?

DREXSPORT does not use third-party sellers; we exclusively sell our products online on Amazon, Flipkart, and DREXSPORT.COM. You will always receive our product straight from our warehouse; we don’t keep our products in Amazon and Flipkart warehouses. When you place an order, the Amazon and Flipkart teams pick up products from DREXSPORT’S warehouse. You can be sure of our product’s authenticity by the distinctive hologram on the label and a second hologram on the cap’s seal, which breaks after opening. Our product boxes are packaged using our branded tape for additional security. From raw materials to food-grade quality jars used for packaging, each and every product goes through strict oversight and verification. We never change our product ingredients, taste, manufacturing process, or the product’s integrity. We always strive to serve you a 100% fresh, clean, and world-class quality product.

2) Is DREXSPORT a USA or Indian brand? How does DREXSPORT conduct business?

DREXSPORT is a USA brand: founded, researched, and designed in the USA. After realizing the overwhelming demand for and potential with our product, we decided to run our business from both the USA and INDIA. DREXSPORT has registered offices in both the USA and INDIA. From the USA, we export all raw materials to Delhi, INDIA. We process and pack DREXSPORT products as per our formulation in Delhi. DREXSPORT has a distribution center and registered office in Pune, INDIA, and we sell internationally.

3) How long have you been in business?

DREXSPORT was established in 2012. We researched and developed unique protein powder products with the help of doctors, professional fitness experts, and leading industry manufacturers. After creating a successful formulation, which tastes good and delivers superior results, we have been consistently selling internationally since 2017.

4) Does DREXSPORT deliver the nutrition stated on the label?

Absolutely! Guaranteed! We are one of the most reputable and trustworthy brands in the world. We are FDA (USA), FSSAI (INDIA), and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and registered. All our 100% natural products are made with love and zero compromises on quality standards. We lab-tested our products from renowned third-party labs to ensure product purity. Check out the "Lab Report " section on our website for further details. You can also lab test our products anytime! We guarantee DREXSPORT's integrity.

5) Are DREXSPORT products result-oriented?

We have countless happy customers worldwide. Most of thrilled with the results they have achieved from using our products. DREXSPORT will undoubtedly play a major role in your results, but remember, so will a healthy diet, exercise, sleep, and patience. Except for banned substances, no supplement in the world can provide immediate results, so use DREXSPORT in combination with a healthy lifestyle.

6) Can I become a distributor or retailer for DREXSPORT products?

Sorry! At this time, we only sell our own products online. We don't allow third-party distributors or retailers to sell our products. This rule is per our internal company policy.

7) Which product should I choose: Wild Whey or Wild Muscle?

With a muscle-gaining diet and appropriate exercise, both products help you to gain and recover the energy and muscle-strength you need. Combining either Wild Whey or Wild Muscle with a weight-loss diet and exercise will help you achieve your target weight. Wild Whey is strictly organic whey protein powder suitable for men, women, teenagers, athletes, and anyone else who wants to eat and live healthfully. Think of Wild Whey as a family protein power-supplement for overall health and fitness. Wild Muscle is also an organic whey protein with extra muscle-boosting ingredients suitable for athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, gym lovers, and anybody else who wants to feel strong and fit. Wild Muscle is a hardcore protein powder supplement, specially designed for advanced muscle growth and better performance.

8) Do you provide free product for reviewing? CAN I PROMOTE DREXSPORT AS AN AFFILIATE ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA OR My website?

We neither offer free product nor accept paid promotion. Currently, DREXSPORT does not have an affiliate program. Sorry!

9) If DREXSPORT is a USA brand, then why don’t you manufacture and sell DREXSPORT in the USA?

In the United States, thousands of organic protein powders are on the market; however, India, despite its large population and lucrative market, does not have thousands of organic protein powders on the market. If we were to manufacture DREXSPORT in the USA and then export DREXSPORT to India, the cost (custom duty and taxes) would exponentially go up, and we would be forced to pass that extra cost onto our loyal customers. Most imported brands in India, such as cars, smartphones, cosmetics, and fabrics, are manufactured exclusively in India. All these brands import raw material from outside India, but then manufacture the final product in India. We are inspired by India’s 2014 on-going initiative, “Make in India.” We collect all the highest quality raw and natural materials in the USA, export those to India, and then manufacture DREXSPORT in India strictly adhering to America’s and India’s high standards, which allow us to distribute confidently to our loyal customers all over the world. Because of DREXSPORT’s success (thanks to our wonderful customers), we are currently in the process of starting manufacturing and selling DREXSPORT in the USA just as we do in India.

10) Can I make a similar DREXSPORT product or formula by substituting or changing different ingredients?

We have filed a total of eight patents for our organic whey protein. We are very serious about the competitive market, and we take advanced steps to prevent any competition from imitating our trusted DREXSPORT products. Copying or manipulating a DREXSPORT product to sell is illegal. Our patents are protected even if our competitors formulate whey protein with more/less or substitute ingredients, such as amino acids, herbs, sweeteners, additives, vitamins, minerals, or whey hydrolyzed. We have no objection if our competitors make plant protein, raw whey protein, or whey protein with artificial ingredients.

11) Do you suggest a specific diet and workout for better results?

Everyone's age, goals, genetics, and physical conditions are different, so we can't suggest one specific diet or workout. You should discuss your optimal diet and workout plan with a health professional, such as a doctor, trainer, or dietician. We can happily give you some simple tips that will help anybody. Eat healthy and minimally processed food four to five times a day to gain weight, and two times a day to lose weight. Your breakfast and dinner should be a sufficient caloric intake to satisfy you throughout the day if you want to lose weight. Also, as your individual physical fitness level allows, workout for 45 minutes four to five times a week, but never overdo it. The proper workout and diet can help you sleep like a baby, reduce stress, and laugh a lot. Don't forget DREXSPORT Wild Muscle & Wild Whey after workouts and breakfast :-)

12) I am from a different country, but I want to purchase your product.

Every day we ship worldwide, so don't worry! DREXSPORT is international. Please email us your name, country, address with zip code, and phone number. We will give you fair quotes, discuss payment and shipping options, and ship your product as soon as possible. We always email you tracking details. Contact us at

13) Why is your product out of stock? When will it be available?

We have one manufacturing facility and worldwide sales. Due to high demand, sometimes our product is out of stock. DREXSPORT is a food product, so every month we make fresh protein powder to serve our customers. We do not make large orders of DREXSPORT and then allow the product to languish in a warehouse. Every time you order DREXSPORT, be assured that you are getting a fresh product. Processing and collecting all raw, organic material from the USA at peak freshness is time-consuming. The care we put into DREXSPORT is why our product has a quality reputation. To meet the higher demand, we are expanding our facilities, so we can assure you that you won't face availability issues again. Please email us (, and we will let you know about availability.

14) Can I get a discount on your product? Does DREXSPORT offer any free gifts or other promotional offers?

Making quality organic whey protein is a very costly process. The purpose of our business is better health and smiles on our customers' faces. We concentrate on our quality over profit, so DREXSPORT, at this time, doesn't offer more discounts and gifts. Again, we focus on our products and their benefits to our customers.

15) Why is DREXSPORT only available in chocolate flavor? More flavors would be nice.

First, making whey protein without artificial ingredients and with organic flavor is a very challenging task. Managing good taste with organic ingredients needs professional manufacturing techniques with proper formulation balancing. Second, we extract the chocolate flavor from natural cocoa beans to make our delicious chocolate whey protein. We have tried our best to make other natural flavors, such as strawberry, vanilla, and saffron; however, we could not get the same quality taste, which is our gold standard. More than 80 out of 100 customers prefer DREXSPORT's chocolate flavor. Our research and development team is still working on more flavors. We WILL NOT add any kind of artificial ingredient to make another tasty flavor. It's easy to make tasty food with artificial ingredients, but our ingredients are 100% natural. Until we can find a way to make other quality flavors, we will stay with our one organic flavor: Chocolate.

16) Why don't you make raw or unflavored whey protein?

Raw or unflavored whey protein doesn't taste or smell good. People reported that unflavored or raw protein powder tasted like detergent powder. Additionally, It doesn't mix well and foams too much for a shake. Finally, raw whey protein powder is not easy to digest because it lacks the proper digestive enzymes. Due to overall low customer satisfaction, we are not interested in making raw or unflavored whey protein powder. DREXSPORT focuses on complete customer satisfaction.

17) Why are there no amino acid profiles on the labels of Wild Whey & Wild Muscle?

Most other protein companies provide amino acid profiles on their labels, but we printed a label with a comparison table, health benefits, and company details. We don’t have space on our label to print an amino acid profile. Our amino acids profile is independently calculated and verified based on renowned labs’ reports. Please check and find the amino acids profile of Wild Whey and Wild Muscle on this link

18) Why can I see some tiny white particles or spots in Wild Whey and Wild Muscle?

The natural colors of whey protein powder, digestive enzymes, and other ingredients are white; however, we add natural cocoa for a great taste. When mixed with cocoa, our protein powders are predominantly dark brown with some white from the other ingredients. We blend the powder very well, but without artificial ingredients, we cannot make every powder particle brown. Remember, Wild Whey and Wild Muscle are organic, so white particles are totally natural. The white particles are from the whey protein powder, digestive enzymes, and other natural ingredients. Don’t worry—white particles are normal! We 100% guarantee that those particles are not any impurities, chemicals, or banned substances.

19) Does DREXSPORT protein powder form any lumps while mixing?

DREXSPORT is lump-free and mixable. Due to the natural stickiness of organic whey protein and chocolate, some stickiness may occur when mixing with a glass and a spoon. To ensure a smooth mix, we strongly recommend using a shaker or blender.

20) Why does drexsport protein form FOAM after shake?

When organic whey protein is shaken vigorously, it naturally causes the breakdown of all amino acid bonds. As a result, when these bonds are exposed to air, foam bubbles form, resulting in foaming. If you prefer less foam, shake lightly; otherwise, shake vigorously and allow time for the foam to settle.

21) I have purchased your product a second time, and I found a negative change in quality and taste. How and why can this be?

We manufacture more than five tons of organic whey protein powder at one time; if one customer has a problem, then all customers should have the same problem. Our expert teams check each and every lot to make sure that taste, mixability, and overall quality are at their best. Have you purchased an authentic DREXSPORT powder from Amazon, Flipkart, or DREXSPORT.COM? Was your product properly sealed with a hologram and branded tape on the box? Are you preparing DREXSPORT protein shakes per label recommendations? Are you sure that you are adding the same quantity of water or milk as you did with your first purchase? We request you to trust us. We will never change our quality, taste or formulation.
Food tastes different around the world! Water has a distinctive taste from region to region, and even cows of the same breed have varying diets and genetics, so no two cows can produce precisely the same milk or flavor. Because DREXSPORT needs a continuous supply of the best, all-natural ingredients, we cannot rely on just one supplier.As a result, unintentional minor variations in flavor and powder may occur, but we will never add artificial ingredients to mask these variations nor compromise overall quality standards.

22) Will I observe any health issues with your product, such as digestive issues, headaches, acne, vomiting, rashes, or an allergic reaction?

DREXSPORT makes all-natural whey protein products without any artificial ingredients. DREXSPORT is a completely safe product to consume for a lifetime. 99.99% of our customers never observed any health issues. Make sure that you are not allergic or intolerant to milk, chocolate, and other ingredients. If a person is allergic to peanuts, then they will have a negative reaction to anything containing peanuts. Even drinking too much water can cause an electrolyte imbalance. Everybody’s body, digestive and immune system is different. In the unlikely event that you had negative side effects, immediately stop taking DREXSPORT’s protein powder for at least one week. Through the process of elimination, you can determine whether your side effects are due to the powder or something else. Please consult with your doctor before consuming any DREXSPORT powder, especially if you have any medical conditions or severe allergic reactions like anaphylaxis. We are very confident that DREXSPORT’s all-natural protein powders will not have any negative side effects. In fact, DREXSPORT is sure that you will observe your health positively improving with DREXSPORT products.

23) What if I receive a damaged jar or the seal inside the cap is broken?

We always ship you the best products; however, if a courier service does not handle our products carefully during transportation, the jars may be damaged, or the white seal inside the cap may come loose. For damaged jars, we will send you a product replacement. Please, don't open a damaged jar if you need a replacement. If the white seal inside the cap is damaged, your product is unaffected since the white seal is for packaging purposes only, not verifying authenticity or safety.

24) How can I complain about the quality and authenticity of the product?

We have taken great care with customer service to deliver an authentic product. If you are suspicious about the products' quality and/or authenticity, please make a complete video. DO NOT OPEN THE JAR FIRST. First, record the entire un-opened jar, including the label, seal cap, manufacturing date and hologram. Next, record opening the jar and checking the protein powder. While recording, stir all the powder well with the help of a big spoon in the jar to illustrate how the powder looks and that everything in the jar looks the way it should. We need an unedited and clear video of the product to accept complaints about quality and authenticity. Every step needs to be recorded.

25) Why should I trust your brand? How can I be confident that I’m dealing with a genuine company?

You don’t have to trust DREXSPORT, although all our repeat customers do! If you don’t feel you can trust us, then trust the FDA, FSSAI, the international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), patents, independent third-party lab reports, and, most importantly, our thousands of happy customers who already purchased our products and are achieving their desired goals. Most of the customers who buy our product become lifetime customers. Our guarantee to you: try our product, check out its quality and taste, and compare DREXSPORT with other brands. DREXSPORT will never waste your time, money, or health. We will never disappoint you.

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