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All-Natural Mass Gainer, Whey Protein Powder (Patented)


Wild Muscle


Grass-fed, A2 Organic Whey Protein with Creatine (Patented)

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Let The Nature
Power You Naturally

DREXSPORT’s “Wild Muscle” whey protein powder is a proprietary, research-backed muscle mass builder. Naturally occurring ingredients such as grass-fed whey protein (from organic, pesticide- and hormone-free A2 cow’s milk) contribute significantly to its potency. All the high-quality ingredients are 100% natural and derived from legal sources, making these supplements ideal for health-conscious people looking to up their exercise game. This supplement contains a proprietary formulation of organic whey protein powder (isolate and concentrate), creatine, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), glutamine, and Withania.

Proteins are more bioavailable (absorbed) and digested thanks to our low-temperature ultrafiltration technique, which reduces denaturation (breakdown). Combined with regular resistance training/exercise and a healthy diet, it helps you build muscle and improves your muscles’ endurance and strength organically.

1) How Is Wild Muscle Builder Distinct From Other Mass Gainers Available on the Market?

It is sufficient evidence that Wild Muscle Builder is a one-of-a-kind muscle mass builder and whey protein powder, given that it is the world’s first formula to be granted a patent (398320). In addition to that, its natural makeup is still another one of its defining characteristics.

Our mass builder does not contain any dangerous or harmful substances, in contrast to the vast majority of other products on the market, which are characterized by empty claims and low-cost components. Adhering to organic content like grass-fed whey protein, manufactured of A2 milk, is Wild Muscle’s speciality. Unlike other ‘normal’ mass gainers, Wild Muscle does not incorporate cheap carbohydrates (sugar, maltodextrin, wheat, corn) or protein powders (milk powder, soy protein isolate, egg albumen).

The protein composition of Wild Muscle Builder is higher than that of competing mass gainers, coming in at 23 grams every 31-gram serving (others: 8-10g protein per serving of 31g). Our mass Builder promises to deliver muscle-building effects with just high-quality muscle-building components like organic whey protein, creatine, and amino acids, in contrast to other gainers that make you seem bulky by adding extra fat rather than the intended muscles. Because of its high concentration of amino acids and creatine, it aids in muscular growth, improving one’s sense of well-being and self-esteem.

2) How Does Grass-Fed, Organic Whey Protein Differ From Regular Protein Powder?

Grass-fed, organic whey protein powder is devoid of synthetic hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and pollutants. Also, unlike conventional whey protein, which is made from A1 milk (Friesian cows, USA), our whey protein powder is made entirely from A2 milk (Guernsey cows, USA), making it a safe and nutritious option according to scientific studies.

The digestibility of grass-fed whey protein is one of its most notable qualities. Better digestion leads to stronger construction. Common symptoms of dyspepsia among builders can be traced to the fact that commercial items often clash with their biology. Grass-fed whey protein may have an advantage in terms of digestibility, flavour, aroma, texture, and overall effectiveness.

3) Cold-pressed whey protein: what exactly is it? Is Cold-Pressed Techniques Used To Produce Wild Muscle?

Cold-pressing is a process that separates the best proteins from the product by pressing them at low temperatures to remove big particles. Here, micro-filtration of the whey protein powder is used. It is standard practice for preserving nutrients like proteins and amino acids.

Wild Muscle is, in fact, a cold-pressed supplement. While the inherent nutrients in the product could be destroyed by the protein degrading at high temperatures, our custom heat-controlled technology prevents that from happening. As a result, it is undeniably the superior whey protein powder for gaining muscle mass.

4)What Are the Components of Wild Muscle?

The ingredients for the formulation of Wild Muscle’s lean mass builder are creatine HCL, BCAA, L-glutamine, Withania, stevia leaf, natural cocoa, non-GMO sunflower lecithin, and natural silicon dioxide. The protein powder in Wild Muscle’s lean mass builder comprises 50% organic whey protein isolate and 50% organic whey protein concentrate. Other ingredients include Creatine HCL, BCAA, and L-glutamine.

5) What Are The Benefits Of Wild Muscle?

Here are some of the reasons why Wild Muscle is the finest lean muscle builder whey protein powder:

1) Accelerates muscle repair and development.
2) Provides a strength boost by stimulating muscular growth.
3) Improves the body’s natural production of testosterone.
4) Increases stamina.
5) Relieves tension and revitalizes the body.

6) What Is The Best Way To Take Wild Muscle?

It is important to consume Wild Muscle consistently and correctly. You should combine one level scoop (31 g) with six to eight ounces of water, milk, or any of your preferred juices. The preparation of this dish is as simple as making a pie; all that is required of you is to shake or blend the two ingredients in a blender or shaker bottle.

However, special attention should be paid to the ratio of water to other ingredients because the taste will suffer if there is excessive water. Even though Wild Muscle can be consumed at any time, the optimal times to consume it are within 20 minutes of finishing a workout and with breakfast. For optimal results, consume 1-2 scoops of Wild Muscle immediately after your workout and 1-2 scoops with breakfast.

Moreover, according to the experts’ recommendations, WILD MUSCLE DOSAGE FOR THE BEST MUSCLE-BUILDING RESULTS:

1) Mix 1–2 scoops with 4–5 teaspoons of sugar, glucose, or dextrose in milk (recommended) or water.
2) Mix 1–2 scoops with 8 ounces of milk or water and have it with your favourite sports drink, fruit juice, or fresh fruit.
3) Combine 1–2 measuring spoons with starchy foods like rice, potatoes, bread, and oats for a nutritious supper.

7) Can A Lactose-Intolerant Person Take Wild Muscle?

Although, before the administration of any supplements, it is always recommended to consult with a medical professional because the physiological conditions of each individual are unique. However, people who are lactose intolerant should be able to use DREXSPORT’s Wild Muscle without any problems. This is because the composition of Wild Muscle is distinctive and naturally low in lactose. Additionally, the addition of lactase digestive enzyme ensures that any remaining lactose will be digested. Therefore, lactose-intolerant individuals can purchase this product.

8) Why Is Whey Protein or Mass Builder Protein Powder Necessary?

Protein is the most important food for building muscle and keeping the brain healthy. As a result, robust immunity and optimal health are impossible to achieve without protein. To increase our protein consumption, whey protein powder is a must-have. While dairy products, meat, fish, poultry, and eggs are all good sources of protein, they all need some prep work, slow digestion, inconvenient portability, and the preference of non-vegetarians.

Milk comprises a lot of lactose, lipids, and casein protein, but many people avoid it because of issues including lactose intolerance and indigestion. Most dairy products nowadays (unless organic) are loaded with a cocktail of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones that make them an unfit protein source. Plant-based powders have poor taste, lower quantities of protein, and useful amino acids, leading to gastrointestinal problems compared to their animal-based counterparts.

Compared to other protein sources, whey protein digestion time is extremely short. It helps the body recover from strenuous exercise more quickly, so you can feel refreshed and ready to go again. Whey protein powder is the most widely used dietary supplement worldwide due to its many desirable qualities, including its high protein content, low fat and lactose content, negligible cholesterol level, pleasant flavour, portability, and extensive study and scientific proof of its efficacy. So, the worldwide market for whey protein is close to $9 billion.

If you’re looking for a safe protein supplement, go no further than DREXSPORT, which is made with organic protein powder and uses only milk from animals that have not been treated with hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. The essential muscle-building elements in our muscle mass builder, like whey protein, Creatine, Withania, and Amino Acids, are difficult to obtain by dietary means alone. Combined with a solid workout regimen, a nutritious diet, and plenty of rest, ‘Wild Muscle’ can help you reach your athletic and muscle-building goals much more quickly.

9) Why Does Wild Muscle Contain Isolated and Concentrated Whey Protein? Why Doesn’t Each Product Contain Separate Whey Protein Isolates?

The organic whey protein isolate contains a greater quantity of protein but no fat at all, whereas the organic whey protein concentrate contains the required quantities of protein in addition to the necessary vitamins and beneficial fats, such as omega-3 and CLA. This incredible combination not only improves the heart’s health but also accelerates the processes of losing weight and growing muscle simultaneously.

On the one hand, the organic whey protein concentrate has a taste that is out of this world, while on the other hand, the organic whey protein isolate is the most effective form. Therefore, our product offers a combination designed to provide the most advantages to your general health. In this way, our whey protein powder mass builder makes it easier for you to progress toward the health and fitness goals that you have set for yourself.

10) Is WILD MUSCLE Delicious?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes! Considering the amount of water present, our Wild Muscle has a delicious aroma reminiscent of chocolate and contains protein that has a distinctive flavour. Additionally, the flavour can be improved further by using milk rather than water as the liquid ingredient. As is the case with the vast majority of other mass builder protein powders now on the market, our muscle mass builder does not bring with it a bitter medical flavour or any disagreeable odour.

11) Do You Use Drugs, Prohibited Substances, Or Doping Substances According to WADA/NADA?

Never! As indicated, each ingredient that goes into our products is entirely natural and obtained from lawful sources. While manufacturing our goods, we use only the highest quality organic ingredients, and none of our protein goods include any harmful substance under any circumstances. In this regard, we encourage you to conduct any investigation, research, or laboratory testing on our products at any time to validate the reliability of our claim.

12) Who Can Use Wild Muscle?

Wild Muscle was developed with the express purpose of accelerating the recovery and growth of the muscles. Its recipe combines organic whey protein powder with additional muscle-enhancing nutrients like BCAA, Creatine HCL, and Glutamine. This combination is called its “formula.” Athletes, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and gym fans will find this protein powder supplement is a fantastic product thanks to its components, making it a hard-core protein powder.

13) Which Product Should I Choose: Wild Whey Or Wild Muscle?

While Wild Whey and Wild Muscle could be taken for muscle gain with confidence in their strength, they are most effective in conjunction with a weight loss or muscle gain diet and exercise program. One must be aware of the distinctions between the products before deciding which is best. Pure organic whey protein, Wild Whey, can help people of any age and gender lead healthier lives.

Therefore, it might be considered a protein powder supplement for the general health and fitness of most people living in the same house. Our organic Wild Muscle lean mass builder whey protein powder is packed with muscle-building nutrients, including BCAAs, Creatine HCL, and Glutamine, to help you reach your bulking goals faster. Bodybuilders, athletes, fitness fanatics, and those who enjoy going to the gym will find this product ideal.

14) What Side Effects Does Wild Muscle Have? How Long Can They Be Consumed?

Before using supplements, it is always advised to consult a physician, particularly if you have an underlying medical condition or food allergies. Since all of DREXSPORT’s products, including muscle mass builder and whey protein powder, are 100 per cent organic, none of our clients have ever reported any negative side effects.

15) Are DREXSPORT Products 100% Vegetarian? Do You Process Protein Powders In The Same Facility Where Eggs, Meat, Or Fish Are Processed?

DREXSPORT has acquired Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) accreditation. Since none of DREXSPORT’s products are derived from non-vegetarian sources, we can fully ensure the clients of our products’ quality. All the substances used in producing whey protein supplements are vegetarian, so anyone can confidently purchase them.

16) How Can I Verify the Validity of DREXSPORT Products?

Before packaging, every product is submitted to a strict inspection to ensure its standard and quality. Only Amazon, Flipkart, and DREXSPORT.COM sell authentic, quality-assured products of this nature. Never use third-party merchants. All things are exclusively stored in our facilities and shipped out immediately.

In addition, there is a unique hologram on every product’s label and cap seal, which breaks upon opening, to ensure authenticity. Also, each product box is packaged with red tape bearing the DREXSPORT logo. Thus, it is simple to determine the legitimacy of our items.

17) Why Should I Have Trust In Your Brand? How Can I Be Sure I Am Interacting With A Legitimate Company?

DREXPORT won’t nag you to maintain your faith in it. DREXPORT wants to provide a healthy product, and the confidence of its customers overcomes any obstacles. The FDA, FSSAI, and the international GMP (Good Manufacturing Product) have only endorsed us and our items because we aimed for healthy service and a practical approach. Multiple patents and comments from unbiased third-party lab results attest to our validity. Above all, the positive feedback from hundreds of clients makes us deserving of praise everywhere.

When someone uses our product, we take great delight in saying that they become a lifelong customer. Our priority is your health, and your trust drives us forward. Put your money where it will grow the most since it is valuable.

DREXSPORT may be contrasted with other market brands at your discretion. You’ll notice the change for yourself. We never give out false promises. What are you still holding out for? To purchase your Wild Muscle,click here Click here to purchase Wild Muscle (All-Natural Lean Mass Builder, Organic Whey Protein Powder).

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